Moving to a new country is a jolt to the psyche.  You have a new internal resource map to learn, a new geographical map to learn, your relationship map is wiped virtually clean.  You have no one to lean on for support because no one you know is doing what you are doing.  You have to be strong.  I’m telling you now that it’s difficult.  Very difficult.

It’s not that these things are unhappy events because they are very happy events.  I’ve moved country to be with my Wife.  So the normal every day events like working, being at home, going shopping, eating are whilst different in their own way, not the thing that I’m trying to describe.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, IM messengers etc, are all very well, and do allow you to keep in some form of contact with the people you care about who you have left behind.  But! and boy it’s a big and hidden but when you emigrate; you miss those you leave behind.  You miss them more than just their messages.  You miss their physicality, you miss their gestures, you miss their issues, their quirks, the sound of their laughter, the way they walk, their clothes that they often wear, even their accent.

For me emigrating has been a real boon.  I have a job that I love doing, a second job that appears to be expanding that I love, at home I have a wonder Wife that I love very much, best of all, I know that she loves me too.

Life is a balance, things arrive and things leave.  It’s how we respond that matters.


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