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My 43 Things List

Several months ago I joined the 43Things community. Its a global community of people like you and I who write there own list of things that they want to do in their life. This is the premise of the whole site. This alone makes it worth joining. I have found that it’s very difficult to find time to actually stand back from the fuss and rush of everyday life and take a good long hard look at myself. This site has helped me do this and I recommend you give it a go yourself.

Apart from the self-help core of the site it’s actually a web community. The users are brought together by their desire to do alike things. So for example when you want to add “Clean my home more often” to your list, instead of just adding it to your list you should look in the word cloud or search for key words like clean and home in the search box so that you can find others who are wanting to do the same activity.

You can write a journal entry under your items in your list. You can look at what others have written about their items too whether or not they are the items that you want to do yourself. You can even surf around and see what others are putting on their list, thats how I found some of the things on my list. Its an organic self-realisation process. Ultimately its good wholesome personal fun.

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