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Temple Nerves

I am really nervous about going to my local Hindu Temple.   I think I have a fear of rejection and my situation is feeding it at the moment.  It would be wonderful to get over this but I’m not sure how.

What is my fear? 

  • I really don’t want to offend anyone by doing something wrong or even by just being there. 
  • I don’t have any Hindu friends to go with.
  • What if I make a complete fool of myself while I am there?
  • I have been told that non-Hindus cannot be Hindus?
  • What happens if I can’t understand what anyone is saying to me?

Why do I want to go to temple?

Well, I adore many of the gods, especially Ganesha, Shiva & Parvati, Saraswati, Lakshmi and over the last two years I have read as much as I can about Hinduism and I feel that it is the truth, I am comfortable with it and it represents what I believe.  The things I have learnt I have felt comfortable taking on board and I’ve  not felt the need to challenge things in the way that I have with the other religions that I have looked at, all be it much more briefly than Hinduism.  Going to Temple solidifies my belief.  I want to take steps to develop spiritually.  This has been a long journey for me so far.

The story of the man and his donkey comes to mind now. 🙂

This blog gets read by lots of people, what do you think?  Am I justified in my concerns?  I would especially like to hear from Hindus.

Namaste everyone.


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Maha Shivaratri

Today is Shivaratri a day celebrated the world over by Hindus as the day that Shiva danced the Tandava and made the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution begin. This day is also believed to be the day that Shiva and Parvati were married.I planned to go to bed early yesterday and then start Puja at midnight this morning, but things didn’t turn out as planned. My desire to continue Puja throughout the night was prevented by work, going to work without any sleep having fasted all day was not realistic for me.So having been forced to be more realistic about what I was actually going to do I got up at 6am and have been doing Shiva Puja for each three hour period since. I am about to do the 9pm puja and then the last one just before I go to bed at around 10 or 11pm.During the last six months I have been practising sitting cross-legged on the floor. This is something that I have never really been fantastic at but its really necessary in Hinduism. Today I have spent several hours cross-legged and I have to say that it has been a pretty painful experience.

Overall I have enjoyed the day.  It has been great to spend time worshipping Shiva.  Its not very often I use the Shiva Lingam I prefer my Murti of Shiva instead. 

Happy Shivaratri 🙂

Om Namaha Shivaya, shanti shanti.

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