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Youtube and personal credibility

I was watching a video blog from a man called Rennetto, it was called “Who is watching youtube”

I was so glad to hear someone talk about the weight of words and how you can judge the power of a message not only by the written words but by the expression and vocabulary used in them. He talked about how the language used can dictate whether or not the reader takes the writer seriously. He infers that a persons credibility is present in their language.

As a college lecturer I work with young people on an everyday basis and from a general point of view I am worried about the lack of communication skills that many of the young people I meet each day tend to have, most of them have regular access to a mobile phone and Instant Messaging. The effect of Instant Messaging and Texting has on the young is really negative. I don’t think that there has been a study about this in the UK, but it needs bringing to everyones attention. The use of the letter u instead of the word you in written work is commonplace. The level of grammar and spelling isn’t great, the level of profanity is far too high and is clearly inhibiting effective communication.

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