The notion that white men are privileged is bogus!

Whites make less money than Ashkenzai Jews, but if you normalize the data by IQ then they don’t.  They make about the same average based on their average IQ levels.

We all have things that we have to deal with in life.  Just because one group of people have issues that they want to blame others for does not mean that their claim is valid.  As a white man, if I walk down the street and a tall athletic black man walks towards me, am I mean’t to feel nothing about that?  Am I meant to not feel slightly uneasy in that moment – enough to guard myself and keep myself safe?  Well, I’m here to tell you that white folks do feel that.  BUT we aren’t telling black people that they are privileged because they have that ability to scare us.  (I blame the media personally, why is the bad guy normally a black guy? – see chart below).

It’s everyone’s personal role to take care of themselves, keep themselves safe, educate their young and themselves as best they can regardless of their race.  Saying that you have been denied something because of your race is a lame excuse.  We are all born naked.  Some of us have a good upbringing some of us not.  Some of us have both parents present and some of us not.  Sadly this is not regardless of race.  Some groups are affected more that others.

There are always specifics that are exceptions to the average or normative patterns.  Below are some charts showing facts gleamed from simple google searches.


Crime states by race.  – Looks like I had a reason to be a little concerned walking down the street if statistically more crimes are being committed by Blacks.


These are interesting graphs.  It’s sad that people can’t even get on with people of their own race never-mind outside their own race.

The next charts show details about IQ.  It paints an interesting picture and provides a simple statistical reason for lots of the worlds problems.

Europe’s immigration problem where immigrants are causing trouble in the promised land that they chose to arrive in. (yes I know many had to leave their countries but they do get to choose where is Europe they settle.)

There’s the issues with Islam wanting to take over the culture in the United Kingdom, areas of cities being run under Sharia Law and the call to prayer being sounded across vast areas of British housing.

The average IQ in the UK is 100.  The average IQ in Syria (according to Google) is 83.  Not much in common!



The cops are less likely to arrest you if you are white!  I wonder why that is the case!  The pattern speaks for itself.

Self responsibility in the words of Morgan Freeman – The bus runs everyday.




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International Mens Day

Yesterday was International Mens Day.  Google had 13 important Men who have made contributions to the world and to society in a special Google Doodle.  The TV had some short shows throughout the day celebrating several Men who stand out in the world for having made tremendous contributions to western society.  People were talking about the day at work and taking an interest in the people highlighted, some of them were long dead but still respected over 100 years later.

It would have been very nice.  Except it didn’t happen!  International Mens Day happened but in a deathly silence.

There was a podcast that got released though.  It pretty much covers it.

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For all the passive enabling parents out there…

A great discussion about consequences for actions and taking responsibility for yourself, your children and everyone you come into contact with.


Something I’ve noticed while being in the States is that people talk in polemics.  Brief statements presented as facts.  Mostly, facts that are presented as things not to be challenged.  This is the American way of communicating.  If you want examples you can turn on the TV and watch any American TV show.  You’ll see statements and not discussions.  Very few questions and very few explanations.  The very seed of this post is that it appears that the word ‘because’ is not in the American vocabulary.  At least, I’ve noticed that it almost never appears in conversations.

I wonder why this is?   Maybe it’s beca..

Going delete.

It seems that everyone has music that they love from their younger years.  While your taste in music develops and widens as you get older your love of your old favorites matures.  Now that we have way too much information available to us we get to find out about bands/music/songs that probably would have quite happily had their 15 minutes of fame and then quietly disappeared after going delete.  Going delete was what happened when your music was no longer available in stores.  If you had something that had gone delete (been deleted from the catalogue of available music – yes there was such a thing in the past) you had an item that was now a collectible.  Back when I was three or so years of age I remember my Dad tuning the TV (yes tuning!) so he could watch “Weekend World” a political news programme with Brian Walden hosting.  ( This clip is from several years later, but the theme music is the same.  Even as a child I thought that the music to this programme was great to listen to.  Now that it’s easy to take a stroll down memory lane I managed to find out that the theme tune for this British TV show was a sound clip from an American band called Mountain.  The song is called Nantucket Sleigh-ride.    I even managed to get a copy on vinyl at my local record store (yes one or two second-hand record stores are still around).  For your listening pleasure he is the track (  It’s far more sedate than the rocking segment used in the show credits but it’s great on a summer day in the car.

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Is society going to change what has been accepted for millennia?


There are people who for whatever reason feel that they are born in the wrong body.  At some point in their life they might go through operations to change their genitals from male to female or vice versa.  They might use hormones to alter the way that their body behaves, they might grow breasts or body hair depending on the sex they want to change from.  There are people who are born with both sets of male and female genitals and a bone structure somewhere between what is generally considered to be normal for both sexes.  This over my lifetime at least has generally come to be accepted by the majority of society.  This I think is a good thing.

There appears to be a movement developing to give Gender identity more importance than the Sex identity.  The people in the movement want to create changes in society to “allow them freedom of expression” in terms of their gender.

This manifests itself in the desire to have third toilets in all public establishments or allow people who identify as a sex other than what they physically are to use the toilet that they wish to use.  Target managed to become embroiled in this recently.  The people involved in this movement appear to be generally under 25, have the opinion that the world is against their freedom of expression and that everyone else needs to shut-up and they should come first.   Things that people within this movement believe include:

“My gender depends how I feel on the day”
“We are trying to find ways to live outside the Binary (male/female)”
“My pronouns” use of we/they singular pronouns as a way to avoid he or she in speech – with explicit desire to own the pronouns personally.
“Doctors looking at a babies genitalia when they are born and deciding what sex/gender they are from that point is an act of violence”
We are “living outside the norm and having different experiences than the norm”
Saying anything contrary to what we feel is to “miss-gender”

Apparently one person has committed suicide because they were being miss-gendered by the very people trying to help them while in psychiatric care.  Obviously this is very sad.  Anyone who attempts to get help should obviously be treated with every respect.

I remember being in class one day and being told that we should use the word Gender rather than Sex when designing questionnaires and discussing the responses in our essays.  I asked what the difference was between Sex and Gender and the response I was given was that it was difficult to explain but gender is to do with your identity and how you identify yourself in the world and sex is to do with the sexual organs that you were born with.  A reasonable response from someone who at the time was the Head of Education and is now the Dean of Education in the school.  So your Sex and your Gender are two different things.  One is the way the doctor identifies you at birth for the most part Male or Female or where there is physical differences from the norm the doctor makes an educated guess based on what they see.  This has resulted in people growing up and feeling that they are in the wrong body and requiring assistance often to have physical alterations carried out to make them feel more able to go about their lives.  The secondary aspect of this is that it conversely helps society accept them too.

This movement to use (Non-Binary) Gender as the primary way to identify people over the (Binary) Sex method of identification seems to be giving people license to live in a fantasy world where they get to tell people that they are neither male nor female.  The videos I have seen on YouTube show people who appear to be attempting to mix how they feel with their Sex.  In many examples they are so young that their bodies haven’t fully developed yet.  There are several people on you tube who are claiming to be Non-Binary yet clearly show the tell-tale signs of being either a man or a woman.

I think it is very sad that people feel the need to politicize their “Gender” and entangle it with their actual “Sex” to the point of denying their sex openly to the world, in most cases even though the world watching can easily figure out what sex they are.

The thing that bothers me the most about this is that these people are crying out for attention.  It’s appalling and offensive to those who have a genuine physical problem that needs addressing and to those who feel that they have been born in the wrong body who may wish to go through sex re-assignment surgery.


(As an aside I do not feel the need for gender lables in my life and I find people who need them strange.  However, I have taken every step to write this article in a manner that gets my message across clearly, explores the differences between sex and gender succinctly and in no way attempts to be offensive.  The quotes are from TV interviews and YouTube videos spoken by people active in the movement.)



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On the 12th day of christmas…

With 12 days to go until election day, James Comey has notified congress that the FBI is re-opening the investigation of Hillary Clintons emails.

What great timing!  All the laughing that Clinton has done during this election cycle about the situation, her riding the back of the fact that she basically got away with putting the safety of Americans at risk by ignoring document classifications and in some cases doctoring documents and removing classifications prior to attaching them to emails.  Then willingly and maliciously deleting evidence from her private email server when she got wind of an investigation, smashing laptops and cellphones.  Rather than doing the right thing and making her actions match her words.  She claimed that she didn’t know she was doing wrong, if that was the case it would follow that ALL the emails would be found and delivered to the FBI the first time around.  But no.  The elaborate cover-up that actually happened smacks of guilt.  Comey said in his original conclusions all the things that she should have been arrested for, BUT for some reason there was no way that was going to happen.  This gave Hillary her ability to gloat about the emails rather than take the whole thing seriously.  This new investigation will probably show more of what was going on and likely mean that prosecutions will actually happen soon.  It would not be surprising if she is not the only person to be prosecuted in this shameful fiasco.  At least it will make people question their choice more rigorously.

I am glad that this is being reopened.  Not necessarily because it effects both election candidates in particular ways, but because I was beginning to wonder whether America (and American people) would really put up with this nonsense.  It’s the worlds largest superpower and it has a corrupt presidential candidate running? Really?

Of course the flip side of this is that it makes it easier for the other megalomaniac (Trump) to potentially win.  Well at least he’s anti-war which Clinton most definitely is not.  That’s a large comfort for me.  I don’t fancy World war III thank-you very much!

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God Bless America

It’s thirteen days until the Presidential Election in the United States.  It’s clear to me that Hillary Clinton is going to win.  Trump is showing signs that he has given up and decided to focus on getting the most out of a bad job.  He is focusing on Trump TV and attracting his supporters to subscriptions to his service, rather than getting more people to vote for him and taking more steps to ensure that he wins.  Even a cock-sure megalomaniac like him needs to ensure that he wins in this kind of competition, over confidence would be a weakness.  Otherwise the rigging that is going on and the bought-and-paid-for media will ensure that Clinton wins.  That’s a given and always has been since the primaries.  We’ve seen how Sanders was basically removed from the race, we’re at least aware that Clinton has had dissenters killed.  So now he’s given it a shot and stroked his ego he’s turning the race into a money-maker in true Trump style.  I think it’s a clever move on his part too.  The bit that rubs me the wrong way about it is that from the beginning, this race has been run by Trump on the platform of “the media is corrupt, all you people (the journalists at his events) are corrupt”.  So this message has been drilled into the psyche of the american people.  The cat is out of the bag now.  In reality the bag was already empty, approval of the media is down from 35% in 1993 to 18% in 2014 (Big Think, 10/27/16).  So 82% of Americans do not approve of the media, Sadly 96.7% still have own a TV and cable subscription (New York Times, 10/27/16) which tells you a lot about the apathy towards change to Alternative Media outlets.  It looks like from all the way back in the beginning his plan was to make money from this.  His investment is the money that he has put into running for president.  You might think ‘well, he has probably made a loss there, if he loses’ but think about it this way, if he had accepted donations and then decided to use this opportunity to hoover-up subscriptions while he has all his followers, then the donators would probably have sued him or at least he would probably owe them money?  This way he gets to turn what he has spent so far on at least pretending that he’s running for president into a profit from all the suckers who will buy a subscription from his service.  He’s been putting the media down for months only to join their ranks!  It’s pretty clever really, but pretty despicable all at the same time.  Much like Hillary Clintons antics.  What will Americans do on Voting day?  I am sure that the decision will be made by millions with a very heavy heart.

(Big Think, 10/27/16,

(New York Times, 10/27/16,

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Moving to a new country is a jolt to the psyche.  You have a new internal resource map to learn, a new geographical map to learn, your relationship map is wiped virtually clean.  You have no one to lean on for support because no one you know is doing what you are doing.  You have to be strong.  I’m telling you now that it’s difficult.  Very difficult.

It’s not that these things are unhappy events because they are very happy events.  I’ve moved country to be with my Wife.  So the normal every day events like working, being at home, going shopping, eating are whilst different in their own way, not the thing that I’m trying to describe.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, IM messengers etc, are all very well, and do allow you to keep in some form of contact with the people you care about who you have left behind.  But! and boy it’s a big and hidden but when you emigrate; you miss those you leave behind.  You miss them more than just their messages.  You miss their physicality, you miss their gestures, you miss their issues, their quirks, the sound of their laughter, the way they walk, their clothes that they often wear, even their accent.

For me emigrating has been a real boon.  I have a job that I love doing, a second job that appears to be expanding that I love, at home I have a wonder Wife that I love very much, best of all, I know that she loves me too.

Life is a balance, things arrive and things leave.  It’s how we respond that matters.