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The notion that white men are privileged is bogus!

Whites make less money than Ashkenzai Jews, but if you normalize the data by IQ then they don’t.  They make about the same average based on their average IQ levels.

We all have things that we have to deal with in life.  Just because one group of people have issues that they want to blame others for does not mean that their claim is valid.  As a white man, if I walk down the street and a tall athletic black man walks towards me, am I mean’t to feel nothing about that?  Am I meant to not feel slightly uneasy in that moment – enough to guard myself and keep myself safe?  Well, I’m here to tell you that white folks do feel that.  BUT we aren’t telling black people that they are privileged because they have that ability to scare us.  (I blame the media personally, why is the bad guy normally a black guy? – see chart below).

It’s everyone’s personal role to take care of themselves, keep themselves safe, educate their young and themselves as best they can regardless of their race.  Saying that you have been denied something because of your race is a lame excuse.  We are all born naked.  Some of us have a good upbringing some of us not.  Some of us have both parents present and some of us not.  Sadly this is not regardless of race.  Some groups are affected more that others.

There are always specifics that are exceptions to the average or normative patterns.  Below are some charts showing facts gleamed from simple google searches.


Crime states by race.  – Looks like I had a reason to be a little concerned walking down the street if statistically more crimes are being committed by Blacks.


These are interesting graphs.  It’s sad that people can’t even get on with people of their own race never-mind outside their own race.

The next charts show details about IQ.  It paints an interesting picture and provides a simple statistical reason for lots of the worlds problems.

Europe’s immigration problem where immigrants are causing trouble in the promised land that they chose to arrive in. (yes I know many had to leave their countries but they do get to choose where is Europe they settle.)

There’s the issues with Islam wanting to take over the culture in the United Kingdom, areas of cities being run under Sharia Law and the call to prayer being sounded across vast areas of British housing.

The average IQ in the UK is 100.  The average IQ in Syria (according to Google) is 83.  Not much in common!



The cops are less likely to arrest you if you are white!  I wonder why that is the case!  The pattern speaks for itself.

Self responsibility in the words of Morgan Freeman – The bus runs everyday.




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Amusing Google results

paris.jpgI was looking for some YSL Paris gift sets online when I noticed the top sponsored result.  “Paris hilton smells good!” Innuendo! 

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