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How to filter blank TO: emails in Gmail (Keywords: unspecified to field filter gmail blank spam unsolicited email)

I have spent ages trying to get Gmail to filter out all the emails I get that are not addressed to me. They arrive with blank TO: fields. Normally they are scam letters requesting that I send my personal details to a stranger in X country of the world in return for a share of $5,000,000 US Dollars. Mmm.

So if like me your sick of them, here’s what to stick in your filter. This works with Gmail and uses boolean logic so it should work in other filter systems too:


The exclamation mark on the beginning of your email address means NOT. So this makes the filter list all the emails that have arrived that do not have your email address in the TO: field. This works great for me. Of course it works too well and catches a few emails that aren’t actually spam like forum and email group messages. In Gmail you can use the Doesn’t Have: box to list things that you don’t want to filter out. For example:

hindu | bmw | amnesty | wordpress

the “|” means OR so the above line leaves emails that contain one of those words out of the filtered emails.

I just thought I would post this here so that once google picks it up it might help those who are treading my footsteps with Gmail spam.


Om Namashivaya

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