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Niacin update

I’m taking 1000mg Vitamin C in a glass of water very very first thing every morning (5:50am this morning, thanks to my faithful dog) and and hour or so later after food I’ve been taking 100mg of Niacin too.  Today I have just this evening pushed it up to 200mg.

The results have been quite odd.  The potential problem with Niacin is the flush that you get after you take it.  Its available in a no-flush variety but its Niacinomide which doesn’t promote the right kind of colesterol like Niacin does; it doesn’t do this function at all and is also bad for your liver eventually.  So its the flush variety I’ve chosen.  The flush comes on when your have enough Niacin in your body, so its a simple and effective way of telling when you have taken enough.  The flush makes your skin red in either a rash or patches, some say its itchy but its more of a pins and needles feeling on your skin without the numbness.

Heck, there isn’t a reason not to take this stuff.

The official drug literature says that the flush starts after 35mg of Niacin, but I didn’t get a flush at all this morning.  Maybe the vitamin C defused it ?  Does it work?  It works for destressing your mind yes.  Unlike Selective Seretonine Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) like the drugs the doctor wanted me to take the niacin helps to produce more seretonine rather than just keep it in the body and stop it being used up which is what anti-depressants do.  The more Niacin that I put in the less my body has to use protein up to make it.  This means that the protein is used to make seretonine instead.  Unlike SSRI’s which made me feel like my brain had been placed on standby and while I could process events that are happening and imagine things if I wanted, there was no motivation, no inherent “need” to do anything.  Zombie!  I struggle with the voice of my conscience telling me to worry about things at the wrong time, for example thinking about work while I am meant to be relaxing on the bank holiday weekend.  Niacin has switched this voice OFF!  I really mean OFF!  It’s great.  It’s like my mind is my own.  The last few days I have been ill (since Friday) and I stopped taking Niacin during getting better.  The voice of my hardworking perfectionist conscience came back.  So I know it’s not just my overactive imagination.  I’m not sure I’m going to need to use the megadoses of 3000 to 6000mg.  If 100 to 200mg is working whats the point?

It’s meant to be good as a preventative measure against all sorts of stuff, not least Schitzsophrenia, Alseimers, Bad Colesterol, Depression, Dysthymia, Anxiety.  Heck, there isn’t a reason not to take this stuff.

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My Niacin arrived

I went to the parcel depot to collect my packet this afternoon, I got home and unpacked the small jar from the wrapping, one jar of 100mg Niacin tablets.  I was expecting capsules but the tablets are small enough to be no difficulty swallowing with a liquid.

I made myself a sandwich and took one tablet half way through.  About half an hour after a had finished my sandwich I noticed that my hands were tingly and my ears were redder than normal.  I checked my chest and arms in the (rare) sunlight we are currently enjoying and it seems that only my ears were red.

I do feel like my arms are giving off a heat.  Others have described it as being like sunburn and this is accurate.  But its quite a nice sensation and nothing to write home about.  The itchy sensation that people talk about feels like sensitive skin more than an itch.  But this is from one 100mg tablet.

I have 100 tablets, I need to figure out a plan to steadily increase the dose until either I reach 3000mg a day or the flush doesn’t end between doses.  I think thats reasonable based of what I have read elsewhere.

More updates as things develop.

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Strange how things happen…

Yesterday I came across Niacin which is more popularly called Vitamin B3.  It seems to be a natural remedy for a whole range of things, from schizophrenia, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety weight loss, stopping smoking and a few other things that  don’t come to mind.

The great thing is that the only side effect is a red flush and it by skin for between twenty minutes to an hour as the vitamin does its work.

My current plan is to start at 100mg and work up to about 3000mg a day.  6000mg seems to be an upper limit from the research I have done.

I would like reduce my anxiety as its annoying, frankly.  Having completed a CBT course I appear to be depressed too which was a little bit of a surprise.  Probably because I have been like this as long as I remember.  I think its called Dysthymia.

Either way, I am working on my CBT and while I sort myself out I think I could do with a reminder of what my naturally happy state is like.  If Niacin will help for a while then fantastic.

For the record, I don’t drink, smoke or do any type of drugs.  I’m going to update my progress regularly here.

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