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On the 12th day of christmas…

With 12 days to go until election day, James Comey has notified congress that the FBI is re-opening the investigation of Hillary Clintons emails.

What great timing!  All the laughing that Clinton has done during this election cycle about the situation, her riding the back of the fact that she basically got away with putting the safety of Americans at risk by ignoring document classifications and in some cases doctoring documents and removing classifications prior to attaching them to emails.  Then willingly and maliciously deleting evidence from her private email server when she got wind of an investigation, smashing laptops and cellphones.  Rather than doing the right thing and making her actions match her words.  She claimed that she didn’t know she was doing wrong, if that was the case it would follow that ALL the emails would be found and delivered to the FBI the first time around.  But no.  The elaborate cover-up that actually happened smacks of guilt.  Comey said in his original conclusions all the things that she should have been arrested for, BUT for some reason there was no way that was going to happen.  This gave Hillary her ability to gloat about the emails rather than take the whole thing seriously.  This new investigation will probably show more of what was going on and likely mean that prosecutions will actually happen soon.  It would not be surprising if she is not the only person to be prosecuted in this shameful fiasco.  At least it will make people question their choice more rigorously.

I am glad that this is being reopened.  Not necessarily because it effects both election candidates in particular ways, but because I was beginning to wonder whether America (and American people) would really put up with this nonsense.  It’s the worlds largest superpower and it has a corrupt presidential candidate running? Really?

Of course the flip side of this is that it makes it easier for the other megalomaniac (Trump) to potentially win.  Well at least he’s anti-war which Clinton most definitely is not.  That’s a large comfort for me.  I don’t fancy World war III thank-you very much!

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