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The notion that white men are privileged is bogus!

Whites make less money than Ashkenzai Jews, but if you normalize the data by IQ then they don’t.  They make about the same average based on their average IQ levels.

We all have things that we have to deal with in life.  Just because one group of people have issues that they want to blame others for does not mean that their claim is valid.  As a white man, if I walk down the street and a tall athletic black man walks towards me, am I mean’t to feel nothing about that?  Am I meant to not feel slightly uneasy in that moment – enough to guard myself and keep myself safe?  Well, I’m here to tell you that white folks do feel that.  BUT we aren’t telling black people that they are privileged because they have that ability to scare us.  (I blame the media personally, why is the bad guy normally a black guy? – see chart below).

It’s everyone’s personal role to take care of themselves, keep themselves safe, educate their young and themselves as best they can regardless of their race.  Saying that you have been denied something because of your race is a lame excuse.  We are all born naked.  Some of us have a good upbringing some of us not.  Some of us have both parents present and some of us not.  Sadly this is not regardless of race.  Some groups are affected more that others.

There are always specifics that are exceptions to the average or normative patterns.  Below are some charts showing facts gleamed from simple google searches.


Crime states by race.  – Looks like I had a reason to be a little concerned walking down the street if statistically more crimes are being committed by Blacks.


These are interesting graphs.  It’s sad that people can’t even get on with people of their own race never-mind outside their own race.

The next charts show details about IQ.  It paints an interesting picture and provides a simple statistical reason for lots of the worlds problems.

Europe’s immigration problem where immigrants are causing trouble in the promised land that they chose to arrive in. (yes I know many had to leave their countries but they do get to choose where is Europe they settle.)

There’s the issues with Islam wanting to take over the culture in the United Kingdom, areas of cities being run under Sharia Law and the call to prayer being sounded across vast areas of British housing.

The average IQ in the UK is 100.  The average IQ in Syria (according to Google) is 83.  Not much in common!



The cops are less likely to arrest you if you are white!  I wonder why that is the case!  The pattern speaks for itself.

Self responsibility in the words of Morgan Freeman – The bus runs everyday.




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For all the passive enabling parents out there…

A great discussion about consequences for actions and taking responsibility for yourself, your children and everyone you come into contact with.

God Bless America

It’s thirteen days until the Presidential Election in the United States.  It’s clear to me that Hillary Clinton is going to win.  Trump is showing signs that he has given up and decided to focus on getting the most out of a bad job.  He is focusing on Trump TV and attracting his supporters to subscriptions to his service, rather than getting more people to vote for him and taking more steps to ensure that he wins.  Even a cock-sure megalomaniac like him needs to ensure that he wins in this kind of competition, over confidence would be a weakness.  Otherwise the rigging that is going on and the bought-and-paid-for media will ensure that Clinton wins.  That’s a given and always has been since the primaries.  We’ve seen how Sanders was basically removed from the race, we’re at least aware that Clinton has had dissenters killed.  So now he’s given it a shot and stroked his ego he’s turning the race into a money-maker in true Trump style.  I think it’s a clever move on his part too.  The bit that rubs me the wrong way about it is that from the beginning, this race has been run by Trump on the platform of “the media is corrupt, all you people (the journalists at his events) are corrupt”.  So this message has been drilled into the psyche of the american people.  The cat is out of the bag now.  In reality the bag was already empty, approval of the media is down from 35% in 1993 to 18% in 2014 (Big Think, 10/27/16).  So 82% of Americans do not approve of the media, Sadly 96.7% still have own a TV and cable subscription (New York Times, 10/27/16) which tells you a lot about the apathy towards change to Alternative Media outlets.  It looks like from all the way back in the beginning his plan was to make money from this.  His investment is the money that he has put into running for president.  You might think ‘well, he has probably made a loss there, if he loses’ but think about it this way, if he had accepted donations and then decided to use this opportunity to hoover-up subscriptions while he has all his followers, then the donators would probably have sued him or at least he would probably owe them money?  This way he gets to turn what he has spent so far on at least pretending that he’s running for president into a profit from all the suckers who will buy a subscription from his service.  He’s been putting the media down for months only to join their ranks!  It’s pretty clever really, but pretty despicable all at the same time.  Much like Hillary Clintons antics.  What will Americans do on Voting day?  I am sure that the decision will be made by millions with a very heavy heart.

(Big Think, 10/27/16,

(New York Times, 10/27/16,

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Decision Made (Part III)

OK, firstly I have got to now and still remain in the job that caused me so much stress last year.  However, there’s a twist to the story now.

Looking back at the stress situation it’s as if we were all lied to about the external quality auditor wanting to see all of the work our students did.  It wouldn’t surprise me if that was a management tactic to get staff to take it seriously.

I can apply for Voluntary Redundancy or wait until they decide to make me Compulsorily Redundant.

More recently the senior management decided to transfer our department to a private company.  Initially this was presented to everyone in the department as we were all going to move to this company and that they were not going to give redundancy notices out at this time.  The college proceeded to write to all of the departments students to tell them that they were not going to be taught at the college from August but they would be taught at the private company instead.  After this communication was sent out the college and the private company had consultation meetings with all the staff involved to decide whether each member of staff was going to transfer to the private company or not.  Notice that the college has already told my students that they are going to the private company!  It transpired that I am not.  I have spoken to management about writing to my students and prospective students for September too about the fact that my course is running and silence or carry on as normal is the only response.  This means that I don’t have any students starting my course at the college next year because the college has told them that they are going to the private company instead despite me not going there.  I can apply for Voluntary Redundancy or wait until they decide to make me Compulsorily Redundant.  So having thought long and hard about this I am submitting my application for Voluntary Redundancy in next week.  At least if it’s accepted I will get more money when I finish.

I used to jump out of bed and actually enjoy going to work.

The thing that I find interesting on a personal level is that while I am worried about what I am going to do next and worried about selling my house and worried about where I will live!  I am happy to not be working there anymore in a few months.  When I started that job it was very exciting.  I used to jump out of bed and actually enjoy going to work.  This was nearly twenty years ago!  Over the years the level of administration has increased and meant that even the smallest amount of creativity has little time to be developed into something larger.  In retrospect I think a small part of my excitement has died each year I have worked in Education.  It’s very sad.  Courses need administrators to deal with the non academic parts of the job.  If management acted on this there would be time to write handouts, develop new courses, even mark student work!  All things that most educators do in the extra time that they work in addition to the hours of work that they are contracted to do.

So yes I am being guided out of this job either by stealth or by managerial incompetence but it’s time for a change anyway, last year was the shining beacon telling me this.

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I Love The Internet

This week many UK Internet Service Providers blocked access to a range of Torrent sites because a court order requesting that they block the sites finally came through.
I googled: “How to access Kick Ass Torrents through Virgin Media” and got to this article:

Now, the “” link is a bit touch and go as to whether it works on my first use, but it does load the site eventually making a complete mockery of the court system.  The secondary effect of this court order is that it pushes the users of these sites further underground, all be it slightly.  It means that there are many more access points to places like Kick Ass Torrents that will actually get traffic.  Rendering the court order totally ineffective other than blocking the main entrance URL.

Totally pointless!  I’m sure the judges think that they just need to be keeping everyone thinking that they are doing their job and upholding the law.  I’m glad that the way the internet works means that peoples freedoms will remain intact even if a piece of paper with someones forced wish upon you arrives in the mail.

I used to curse the Internet Service Providers, not anymore.

A lot of people still access all sorts of sites that someone else says they shouldn’t.  It’s the Nanny State!  Mr Judge – we are not your kids!

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Decision made (part II)

The external quality auditor came in on Monday 5th of March.  This is how it went down.

A colleague of mine and I worked one evening a week for about five or six weeks to get all the work sampled and documented.  Much of it was lost due to IT restructuring which didn’t help.  From January to March the stress would rise as I constantly thought about the amount of paperwork that hadn’t been done for one reason or another.  Some of it my fault, some of it not.  Either way the stress was high.  I considered going sick so many times.  But I actually kept on going into work.  Hoping that the light at the end of the dark tunnel would arrive.  Finally we managed to finish the paperwork.  All we could do now is wait.

…inside I was truely amazed.

Then one day during our normal meetings one of our line managers started to talk about the external quality auditor coming in on March 5th.  At the time this was in about two weeks or so.  There was a list that was passed around with the name of the students work that “she” wants to see.  The ‘enemy’ (bit of drama!) was a woman.  On this list no-one from our team was listed.  The line manager even told us that we don’t appear in the list.  It was like we were five and we had gotten away with some trouble we had caused!  One of my colleagues said that my face was a real picture.  I didn’t realise I was even pulling an expression, but inside I was truely amazed.

I couldn’t help but think that there was something else going on.  I decided not to return any of the work we had collected to the students until the 5th came and went.  Wednesday 29th came and an email arrived saying that the external quality auditor wanted to see the work of the students listed and the course manual folder for the courses too.  The students listed were mostly my students!  This was why my staff and I weren’t on the first list! (or at least thats what I think.)  All the students listed left back in July last year and all their work went with them as the external quality auditor was happy with the sample that they saw.  So I had nothing to give other than my course manual folder full of paperwork.  This was given in last friday and the fateful day came and went without a peep.  Infact there hasn’t been a peep about it all week.

In fact all things just aren’t worth worrying about.

The weird thing is that now that I have done all I can to make this check on quality go smoothly, my stress levels have gone right down again.  I seem to be learning that some things just aren’t worth worrying about.  In fact all things just aren’t worth worrying about.  I really need to learn this and learn it fast.  It’s not like I’m some young sprog whose learning the ropes!

See Dec 12th 2011 for Part 1.

I have a cognitive behavioural therapy course in a few weeks.  I’m going to enjoy that as it should help me keep myself from boiling over with stress like back in December.  I’m still trying to fiqure out what I really want to spend the next part of my life doing.  I have considered:

Architectural Visualisation
Something to do with Philosophy
Something to do with Hinduism
Being a cleaner and living life with less stress and (possibly) more time
Being a Bus driver
Being a UPS delivery driver

mmm…. dear reader, do you have any ideas?

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When will the government realise that if they manage to prevent downloading, then paying for high speed Broadband will be pointless?

Is there a point to having Broadband if its not to watch/stream/download content that is copyrighted and that you haven’t paid for?  Where is the fun in paying to watch a film on Youtube or listening to the latest tunes from your favourite band a few days before the CD is available?

What about software?  How would creative people get access to specialist software to learn and practice?  I certainly learned all my skills on pirated software.  When your employed part time, young and expected to be experienced how else are you going to cope?  I remember the days of the “Blobby Disks” the CD’s that you could get your hands on for £10 that would be cram packed with all sorts of software.  Fully cracked and virus free.

Don’t get me wrong!  I don’t think that having to use pirated software is an agreeable situation, but when a piece of industry software can cost a months wages you soon get your priorities straight.

The story about Pirate Bay being banned in the UK is sad.  Like banning one of these sites is going to make any difference.  Even if they ban Fifty of these sites once word gets around of the many others that pop up or the new links that become available to different mirrors of the originally banned sites then who is going to keep on top of this?

The losers in all of this are the Broadband Customer and the ISP’s.  As an example, if I find that my ISP has decided to send me a letter warning me that they are going to disconnect me from the internet due to me deciding to do something via the internet then the ISP will find that I will disconnect them from my monthly Direct debit that they have been receiving for many years now.

The normal things like blog entries and checking email can be done after hours at work or in an internet cafe.  Actually, lets be honest, who really needs email, facebook, twitter and their ilk?  Choice to use these things in a free country is lovely, but using these things in a surveillance state isn’t worth a damn thing.

If this gets worse, I’m coming off the net and going to sell my smartphone.  I don’t do anything to hurt anyone offline or online.  If I could pay my way then I would.  As would others I imagine, but we can’t because we are all skint and suffering right now.

The argument about protecting music artists is so tired.  Artists should be engaging the internet.  We’ve been here before.  Betamax/VHS/Cassette Tape/CD/DVD/BluRay/MP3 if you can make copies then people will.  If you can’t then people can’t and the original has increased value.  THIS is what needs sorting out.  If you want people to respect copyright law then your going to be waiting forever.  You have to change the method of distribution.  DRM if you must or something like it.  Yes people hated it, but thats because they wanted to rip the music.

It’s not this simple, I know.  But blaming the public for a system that has within its design the inherent facility to make duplicates without acutally physically stealing or modifying the original is entrapment, surely.

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Decision Made

For the last Five nights and Five and a half days I have been ill with Anxiety.  I have had a racing heart that I can actually feel bumping in my chest.  My digestion of food has been awkward due to a feeling of tightness in my chest.  I went right off my food and eating was making me feel like I wanted to stop eating.  I felt like I was going to vomit all the time, my throat felt wider than usual like my insides wanted to escape.  I felt out of my depth and out of control when normally I am in control and manage things pretty much like others around me.  Over the weekend desperation to get out of the situation kept hitting me in waves of anxiety to the point where I was crying a lot.  To myself in the kitchen, whilst walking my dog I would start.  I was hopeless.

I am documenting this so I don’t forget this day.

On Wednesday last week I was told in a meeting that the external body that my workplace uses for quality assurance would be visiting in the new year because our students were getting >33% of the top grade and they want to see ALL of last years work.  Now I teach on a two year course and the second year students were signed off by the external QA in July so there work has been returned to them.  The first year students, now second year students are a nice bunch if somewhat unruly at times and I wasn’t sure that we could get their work together.  So the worrying concern that I have had for the last five days is

  1. Do I have to track down the second year students who have left already?  They could be at a University or Workplace anywhere in the country (maybe the world!)
  2. Will providing the work that I have for the current second year students be enough.

With every concern like this, there is a reason for it.  That is, the external body can withdraw our rights to run their courses.  This can affect students lives if not handled properly, could end the course(s) and could end my job.  So I have a good reason to be flapping.

However, today I learnt that someone in a different department had awarded all but one of their students the top grade possible.  This is the real reason why the external body are coming in, they are coming to look at all the provison they are in control of.  This dramatically changes my position, from one of fretting about the course I run and whether I personally am doing things wrong, to knowing someone else made an apparent mistake (!) and that everyone is being scrutinised.

I learnt this today at just gone 5pm.  I was chatting to colleagues about how uncreative the job actually is compared to what everyone in the profession dreams of it being and something inside of me snapped.  That’s it.  I am going to leave.  I am going to leave the job I loved for nearly twenty years.  Not because of some crappy paperwork that I had to do or that I am disappointed in the job itself; I dealt with those years ago.  The reason I am going is because I was so ill.  I cried for help in my kitchen to a deafening response of silence.  I love teaching so much, but that’s over the line.

So I am making my exit plan.

…and this time I am going to execute it.

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Social Networking Sites – Fad?

If you surf the net a lot then you will definately know about myspace, facebook and their ilk. I had a Myspace account for a while but found that it was really restrictive in what you could do visually with the page and the content that you could put up was pretty meaningless for me. There wasn’t a community spirit as I was told there was and I found the whole thing to be too big for its own boots really. It was fun looking at other peoples pages, but frankly, unless you remotely know of the person whose page your viewing, it all becomes rather drab and somewhat sinister in a voyeuristic kind of way, I found myself checking people’s pages out because I liked the look of their pic that appeared in their friends message board. SELF CONTROL ! Geez.

Facebook looked like it was going to be a different story. Nice structured layout and tools that actually do put you in contact with not only others you know directly (easiest thing to do on Facebook) but also put you in contact with others through groups based on a shared interest like The Sausage And Mash Appreciation Society for example. Up to this point Facebook really does deliver in my opinion. My issue with Facebook is the constant stream of requests that you get from others wanting you to install this application or that application. Which in itself is a nice thing because the applications are normally ways that you can use to be nice to one another on Facebook (Fantastic idea!). The trouble comes when you have a reasonable number of friends on Facebook (30ish in my case) and several of them ask you to add their latest application that THEY think is really cool and THEY want to share with you. This is how it works I know, but this means that Facebook is more of a SPAM MACHINE rather than a social networking site.

I’m reserving judgement at this point, Facebook is allowing me to keep in tentative contact with many of my previous students so its not all bad. Maybe if I had the time (made the time) to use it more often, the backlog of requests wouldn’t be so bad.

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